Twitter Marketing: 12 Ways To Boost Your Business Profit

Twitter marketing is a great way to boost your product sales, but things move very rapidly on the platform. You might find it hard to generate actual leads and sales on Twitter

Social media has reshaped the way we think about marketing strategies. Gone are the days when people were attracted to purchase a product by looking at a banner on the roadside. In the world of hashtags, every user needs to be addressed in a unique manner. 

Twitter, being one of the hot favorite and emerging social media platforms, needs a proper strategy too. It is also one of the best ways to reach out to new customers and focus on the current ones. Look from your brand’s perspective, and you will find that it is a great platform to increase your sales with the correct methods.

“How do I convince people to click on my ads and buy my products?”

“How do I make my brand memorable?”

These are the questions that will pop up in your mind when you think about the next step. You might be aware of the figure that there are about 126 million daily active users on Twitter. So you will think of tweeting regularly to reach a large number of people. But, that is not enough.

Besides just making tweets and waiting for people to come to your profile and initiate a conversation, you also have to do a lot of work. Advertisements are definitely going to be a part of this, but to start making money on Twitter, you need to build a base. That base is of building a profile and growing your followers.

In this article, we are going to share some amazing and easy to execute tips that will help you in great ways in the long term.

The basics to make money through Twitter Marketing

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1. Create a killer Twitter profile:

Imagine a brand profile with a weird username and no proper profile or cover picture. Will you follow that account? Will you get an idea of what that brand is about? Clearly, no. 

Similarly, it is necessary that when a person comes to your account, he/she should get a clear idea about your brand. Start with picking up the right handle. The username should match your brand name. Try not to include numbers in your Twitter handle because it does not look professional. Also, make sure that you keep it consistent through all social media sites.

In order to make money in the long term, your Twitter profile needs to be set up for success. The profile photo should contain a high-quality logo of your brand. Every time someone visits your profile, they will become even more familiar with your logo. 

For the cover picture/header image, you can opt for an image that contains any recent offer that you declared or any product that you launched.

2. Optimize your bio section:

After your profile picture, the next thing that a user will notice is the bio section. This is a 160 character space that you can use to showcase your company. Explain who you are and what you do in short and sweet wordings. 

When writing the bio, incorporate the personality of your company. Don’t be afraid to be original. Write what can possibly attract your target audience. If your brand has achieved any awards or achievements, don’t forget to mention that too. 

You can also add one or two relevant hashtags in your profile bio. When people search for these terms, your account will definitely show up on their screens.

If you are working in collaboration with any other company or individual, be sure to mention their Twitter handle too. 

Most importantly, add the link to your website. This will help the users in going to your website directly from your Twitter account. And the same thing applies to the other end too – include a link to your Twitter profile on your website.

optimise your bio section -

See the example of Apple Music. Logo as a profile picture, a catchy and precise bio, website links, operating location, and a relatable cover picture which gives out music vibes!

Build a strong network for Twitter Marketing

3. Tweet during peak hours:

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Tweeting regularly is definitely the main thing if you want to gain the attention of a lot of people in the early stages. But, if you tweet at times when your target audience is not active, it will be of no use.

Find out the time when people are using Twitter. In general, evenings and nights – from 6 pm to 12 am – is the time when most of the people are active on the platform. Also, in the afternoon, during college and office lunch breaks, you can find good traffic.

Weekends are obviously the best time to post your Tweets. According to a research, tweets made on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have a higher click-through rate.

Test how your content performs at different times of the day by going through the analytics. You can use a social media scheduler to spread your tweets throughout the day.

4. Use the right hashtags:

You might have used a lot of hashtags related to your niche while posting content on other social media platforms. With platforms like Instagram, you can freely use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. 

But, while posting on Twitter, things are different. The character limit is very less for a tweet itself.

While tweeting, only one or two niche hashtags should be used. Do not do the mistake of using only hashtags if you are posting a picture, because tweets with more than 2 hashtags receive 17% less engagement. 

You can use the hashtags that are in trend in your industry. You can also find popular hashtags by using Twitter analytics or a third-party tool like Hashtagify.

5. Add images and videos in Tweets:

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Text-based tweets do no harm, but they definitely carry lower engagement rates. Consider adding an accompanying image to your tweet. There are a lot of options that you can consider while choosing multi-media for your posts. Pictures, GIFs, infographics, charts, graphs, videos – any of them will attract the people viewing your tweets.

Infographics and charts are a great way to add more information about a topic when you feel limited by the character count of Twitter.

Tweets with images receive 89% more likes as compared to tweets with only text. They gain the attention of people very easily. However, do consider uploading only high-quality images. 

Also, when you use a short video in your tweets, the chances of people retweeting it increases drastically. They are a great way to let people know about new product launches. You can also share some behind the scenes from your company.

6. Show your products wisely:

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Your ultimate goal is undoubtedly getting more sales, but that does not mean that you keep on posting tweets about your products and services. This will potentially annoy your viewers. After all, it is social media and not just a marketing platform.

Maintain a healthy balance between your promotional posts and informative ones.

  • Dedicate only 20% of your tweets to showcasing your products or informing about discounts.
  • The remaining 80% of your feed should contain informative tweets and those related to your industry updates. Hook the audience by providing valuable content, which will ultimately lead to increased engagement and followers.

Now, when you are posting about your products, make them look appealing enough to spark interest. Include links where people can buy that product. Give exclusive discounts which will encourage them to find out more about your offerings.

7. Run contests:

On every social media platform, there is a contest going every now and then. People love contests and so brands love to conduct them. This engages the audience and makes them familiar with your brand

There are many different kinds of contests that you can run on Twitter. You can get all creative while doing such things.

  • Post a picture and ask people to suggest captions for it. You can ask for funny captions and let them go out of the box in giving suggestions. 
  • A smart Question and Answer contest also works wonders in increasing engagement. Pick up a question that increases curiosity among people.
  • A voting contest can be conducted too – Provide a list of alternatives on a particular topic and ask them to choose their favorite.
  • Ask the audience to post a picture on a decided theme and pick out the best from the entries.

While running contests, remember to offer an attractive incentive or gift in return. It will motivate people to take part.

Monetize your Twitter marketing

8. Smart Advertising campaigns:

smart advertising campaigns -

This is the obvious option when you want to promote your products in the quickest manner. When you do not already have tons of followers, running advertisements is a good option to let people know about your brand.

As compared to other sites, doing an ad on Twitter can be a bit expensive; but it will boost your engagement when you need it the most. Needless to say that you will reach a lot more people that you can reach through hashtags. The more people get to know about your product, the more sales you make.

The real power of ads lies in the fact that you can show your ads to the people you want to. Select the right audience on the basis of demographics, age, gender, interests, and their activity on Twitter’s platform.

In this way, you will reach the people that are already interested in the kind of products that you offer. 

9. Twitter cards to generate marketing leads:

It is easier to generate qualified leads on Twitter than on any other platform. A lead generation card can be attached to your tweet which allows the audience to send information directly by clicking on a button provided in the tweet.

To generate a Twitter card, you need to go to the Twitter Ads section in settings. From there, select ‘Creatives’ and click on ‘Cards’. Fill in the form step by step and you’ll have your own customized lead generation card!

Through the information obtained by this process, you will be able to maintain a record of the people who are genuinely interested in your products and pitch them when any offer or discount comes up.

Using Twitter lead generation cards while running ads will provide you the maximum and genuine results ever.

10. Bring traffic to your website:

bring traffic to your website -

Besides just trying to sell products, you should also focus on generating traffic on your website. That can be easily done if you have a blog section on your website that can provide value to your viewers. If you have a service-based business, you can generate some qualified leads too.

Whenever you publish a new blog, promote it on Twitter. Write a small sentence that gives an idea about the blog and leave a link that people can follow.

Also, you can search for people who are talking about businesses like yours. For example, if you are a yoga trainer, you can search for keywords like “Yoga trainer in [your city]”. You will find tweets from people who are looking for this service. Start a conversation, reply to their tweet, and leave a link to your website. 

11. Twitter Influencer marketing:

Influencers are the best way to make your brand go viral is just a short span of time. Find out the right influencers that relate to your product and industry and ask them to promote your brand in their own unique way.

Work with micro influencers in the beginning. They will help you in targeting a niche audience and will also not make a hole in your pockets.

When you have a huge following count-

12. Use Twitter for sponsored marketing:

use twitter for sponsored marketing  -

Wish to make money just by making a tweet? That can be done when you have built a wide follower base on your account. Other companies will reach out to you for promoting their products on your profile. 

You can even go for an exchange kind of offer here. Find out people who are popular enough like you and you can promote each other’s business. This way, it is possible to reach a completely different set of audiences, grow your following, and boost sales.

To sum up, 

  • Use keyword targeting when you run advertisement campaigns.
  • Optimize hashtag use
  • Prepare a content sharing schedule
  • Use visuals in your tweets
  • Keep your profile data up to date
  • Constantly check competitors Twitter accounts
  • Keep a track on analytics
  • Respond to messages quickly
  • Focus on the interests of your followers

Follow all the things consistently and your efforts for Twitter marketing will not go in vain. Only in a matter of time, you will be able to see great results!