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Tell us about the keywords, #Hashtags, and phrases common to your industry. Our Artificial Intelligence based engine will then find potential customers who are looking for products and services just like yours.

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Engage your targets

We will engage your potential customers by auto Liking and auto ReTweeting their Tweets using YOUR Twitter account. We can even automatically follow these potential customers on your behalf.

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Win More Business

When TweetJumbo engages customers on your behalf they will, out of curiosity, come to check out your brand or website and you can convert them easily. It is all automated without your intervention.

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TweetJumbo is trusted by over 90,000 businesses

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Paul Shapiro


Check out TweetJumbo - it's a pretty sweet way to automate interactions on Twitter based on sentiment

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Jonathan Tavarez


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The Simian Sensei


Don't forget about tweetjumbo. Still the best automated twitter marketing tool out there. Best tool ever for Twitter marketing …

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Lifetime SaaS Deals


TweetJumbo: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month

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Foodie Dude


Suggested a #smallbusiness to start using and their business grew 200% literally. Highly recommend it to every one.

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Nichelle McCall


Find the right audience and provide them value. can help you do this too. #mentormonday via @MrMikeStreet

TweetJumbo is for you

TweetJumbo is a tried and tested growth tool by over 90,000 businesses. We have users in almost every country in the world and from every walk of life. If you have customers on Twitter we can help your business grow faster.

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Increase Traffic


Get your posts shared across social platforms. Let us make your Blog an authority in your industry.

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Get Recognized


Let the world listen to your newest number and increase your fan following.

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Targeted Audience


Leverage tens of filters that TweetJumbo offers to get precisely those people you want. It's easy.

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Be more creative


You have perfected your art. Use TweetJumbo to give the world a chance to appreciate it.

tweetjumbo about us

TweetJumbo's AI engine does all the automated likes, automatic ReTweets and auto following thereby saving you a lot of time.

  • Advanced Filtering to only engage real people

  • AI Supported Sentiment based Tweet filtering

  • Find and Influence industry influencers

  • Manage multiple Twitter Accounts

  • Undo all taken actions to leave No Footprints

  • Monthly plans, cancel anytime

Copy Followers

If you want to follow your competitors' followers you can create a "Copy Followers" promotion

Engage Tweets by Keywords

Add a new promotion to engage with people who Tweet Keywords and hashtags of your choice.

Unfollow Them

Do you follow a lot of people whom you should not? With Unfollow Them promotion you can unfollow the unworthy ones.

Influence Them

Build engagement by liking and retweeting the tweets of your favorite influencer accounts.

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