Twitter Influencers – Who are They, How to Identify Them, and Engage Them

A study done in 2020 showed that Twitter currently has 353 million monthly active users. That drew the attention to why are users so active and are influenced to stay online by the posts or content shared by other users? Some Twitter account holders have many followers who constantly check out what news they have shared or what’s going on in their lives.

Most of these accounts drive a lot of influence on different individuals depending on the kind of content they share. Some are politicians, some businessmen and women, and some artists and celebrities. Some of these accounts are regarded as the best Twitter followers, and it depends on the kind of traffic they attract. So who are they? How can you identify and engage these accounts?

Read on to find out more.

Before we can find out which these accounts are, it is essential to know the significance they serve on the platform. Influencing is a significant key role for anyone that possesses that role. So let’s look at some of the impacts of the top Twitter influencers;

  1. Educate – Every individual has their beliefs and stands in society. However, Twitter influencers who hold these accounts have a responsibility to educate their followers. Be it on health, fitness, business, confidence, law, name it. Depending on what the account holder knows best, they ought to pass that knowledge down to the followers.
  2. Support – The beauty of having a massive following is that you get to learn from them as much as they get to know you. These accounts must support the great movements to instill a good impact on the followers. Be it in matters such as racism, human trafficking, injustice, etc.
  3. Promote – Another critical role for the top Twitter influencers is to promote the public’s good things. For instance, with the pandemic going on, these individuals and brands should be advocating for safety measures to avoid any further infections and death, not only by words and writings but by doing these things also.

Identifying the top Twitter influencers’ accounts is a simple task as long as you have the best tips. We’ve reduced your work by presenting a list that contains the best accounts that fit the spot. The ten best users on the platform include;

  1. Barack Obama

The two-term serving President of the United States of America comes in first. He holds the most followed account on Twitter with 127.9 million followers. He posts things mostly related to the Obama Foundation and his take on particular matters.

  • Justin Bieber

A musician that has constantly grown ever since his famous hit ‘Baby,’ Justin Bieber, is second on the list with 113.7 million followers keeping up with his account. He doesn’t post often, but it’s usually random content of personal opinions and updates of his career when he does.

  • Katy Perry

She stands out because she uses her account to express her thoughts and opinions more than she posts promotional messages. This pop star has a massive 109.3 million followers who enjoy her content from her personal life to top Twitter influencer marketing ads.

  • Rihanna

A musician and a businesswoman, Rihanna have a pretty large crowd behind her. There are 100.4 million followers who retweet on her music career and beauty products business, Fenty.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional footballer, apparently the only one on this list, from Portugal. He has displayed excellence from team to team, winning both club and individual trophies. Most of his posts are on fitness, career, and top Twitter influencer marketing ads. He has 90.3 million followers.

  • Taylor Swift

It is pretty awkward to have her on this list because she rarely tweets for her 88 million loyal followers, but the kind of influence she has should be recognized. This female pop star has won awards and gained recognition throughout her career.

  • Lady Gaga

A musician, actor, and lover of fashion, Lady Gaga has recognition for the work she has done. She shares information about her career to her 83.2 million followers, including tweets about her Born This Way Foundation.

  • Ariana Grande

What makes Ariana Grande unique is that she slides in some shout-out to her fans other than personal and Twitter influencer ads. She has 80.8 million followers.

  • Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is a comedian and a television hostess who has 79.4 million followers. Her account contains many posts for the Ellen Show, although sometimes you can notice a personal tweet.

  1. YouTube

The online video platform comes in last on our list, having 72.8 million followers. The posts are of short clips and links to the videos on their platform that serve as Twitter influencer ads.

Nevertheless, we can’t leave out the most influential twitter accounts from this list, although some appear in both. In 2020, here are the most influential twitter handles;

  1. @realdonaldtrump (97% score)
  2. @narendramodi (97% score)
  3. @taylorswift13 (97% score)
  4. @elonmusk (96% score)
  5. @katyperry (96% score)
  6. @ArianaGrande (95% score)
  7. @BarackObama (95% score)
  8. @BillGates (95% score)
  9. @Cristiano (95% score)
  10. @TheEllenShow (95% score)

Knowing how you can identify these Twitter accounts, makes it easier for you to find them. There are simple ways in which you can quickly identify the best Twitter followers accounts. Some of them include;

  1. The number of followers – The easiest way to identify the top Twitter influencers, is by checking the number of followers. If someone has many followers, then they are probably among the top accounts.
  2. The content they share – The kind of content that an account holder shares will tell if they are among the best or not. If the content is helpful and educative, they have a slot among the top Twitter accounts.
  3. The number of retweets – If an account gets a lot of retweets when they tweet about something, it shows how much influence they have on people. It is a direct ticket to being among the top Twitter influencers.
  4. The growth rate – The account that will increase Twitter followers rapidly are categorized among the top ones. This is because they are doing things right, from using the best tools to creating good traffic on their account.
  5. Activity – You have to consider how active the user is. That will include the number of tweets and retweets and the number of times that they spend online.

It would be best to use the right tools to ensure that you get all the above information correction. Some time back, Twitter revealed that 20 million of its users are bots, which can easily corrupt any of the data you might gather about particular users.

How Do You Engage Them?

Once you have a list of the top Twitter accounts, you might wonder how you’d engage them. Don’t you worry, for we will provide you with the best alternatives? Engagement will depend on the approach you want to make, including contribution, conversation, or participation. The different ways to engage these users include;

  • Following – The first engagement you can have with these accounts is to follow them. Following will give you direct access to their content, posts, and the tweets previously and currently posted on their timeline. It gives you a good view of what the account is all about.
  • Like – You can go a step forward to liking the tweets that you find appealing. As you also go through their timeline, you will explore the information provided and like what seems right to you.
  • Retweeting – A response to their tweets will be effective if you contribute or opinions to share on what they have posted. Retweeting helps you also to interact with/her other followers and get their point of view on a particular topic.
  • Tagging –if you’re tweeting about something related to what this top followers account stands for, you can go ahead and mention them on that tweet. They will quickly get a notification that will direct them to your tweet.
  • Direct message – If you have something personal to share with the individual, it is better to send a direct message instead of using the other means of engagement. That will show that you respect their privacy and personal space.

The best Twitter followers are the accounts with different qualifications. Some may have many followers; others are the content they share, which sets them apart from the rest. These Twitter users play a role in society because they have some level of influence on the platform. There are ways to find out which users qualify for these spots as well as ways of engaging them as well.

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