Twitter Engagement: Top 15 Tips To Increase Followers

“One great way to measure your success on Twitter is the level of engagement that your tweet gets.”

Twitter has grown rapidly since its outset, and there is a reason why it is one of the top 3 social media platforms across the world. Using this platform strategically can straight away broaden your overall business reach. 

But to get that right, you need to understand what methods will work best for your brand. With over 3,50,000 tweets made every single minute, it is quite possible that your tweet will be carried away in the stream without anybody noticing it.

The first thing to know is how exactly the Twitter engagement level is calculated. 

Parameters used in measuring Twitter Engagement

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The Twitter Engagement rate is basically based on the number of people who saw your tweet and the percentage of people who actually took an action on it. It can be counted based on the following actions:

  • Likes

When anyone clicks on the heart icon, it is considered as a like (or a favorite).

  • Retweets

When your tweet is shared by someone on their profile, it is a retweet.

  • Mentions

A mention is when someone uses @ sign immediately followed by your twitter handle – in their tweet. It can also be in the form of a hashtag, especially if your brand is well known.

  • Replies

A reply is a tweet made in direct response to your tweet. 

  • Link clicks

Whenever you share any link in your tweet, the number of times people click on it is also counted.

  • Video views

The number of times your shared video is viewed by users is included in the engagement rate.

  • New Follows

By seeing any particular tweet, if a new user follows your account, it holds great importance for the engagement rate.

Why is Twitter Engagement essential?

As you enter into the world of Twitter marketing, the first thing that pops up in your mind would surely be gaining a lot of followers. Everybody definitely loves a huge number showing up in the followers section on their profile. 

So, how do you get that? Of course, by creating content that people engage with. Remember that Twitter engagement is immensely beneficial for building individual relationships with your target audience.  

When people reply to your tweets or retweet them, it can serve as an excellent chance to start conversations with them. People definitely notice the amount of likes and retweets to trust what you are posting out there.

How is Twitter Engagement relevant?

Twitter provides many opportunities to connect meaningfully with your target audience. It will create an immense user commitment which is a great opportunity for businesses and brands. Overall, it helps to –

  • Engage with your niche audience
  • Reach the audience in a very short span of time
  • Chat with customers directly
  • Formulate your expertise
  • Respond to customers instantly
  • Strengthen your global exposure

Tips and tricks to boost Engagement

Now, to get people to take action on your account, here’s a list of 12 amazing tips and techniques that you can follow to create incredible levels of engagement on your Twitter account.

1. Tweet on a regular basis:

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Nobody will remember your name if you make a tweet once in a blue moon. Tweeting regularly and tweeting great content is a killer combo to adopt. Also, the more you tweet, the faster you will learn about what works best for you and what does not. Test out different headlines, writing tones and mixture of words to check what your audience loves. 

It has been studied that when you tweet on a regular basis, it increases the chances of clicks by 50%. However, do not go overboard by making more than 3-4 tweets within an hour. It will definitely drop down your click rate to zero. 

2. Have an interesting profile:

interesting twitter profile -

How many times have you paid attention to accounts with an empty bio or no profile picture? Almost none. Whenever people land on your profile, they should be attracted at first glance. 

Upload a great profile picture that best describes or brand, product, services or anything that relates to your account. In your bio, include the tagline or the value proposition of your business. You do not need to describe your product here. 

For example, the tagline of Starbucks is ‘changing the world, one cup of coffee at a time’. Now, that’s something – a story that people want to hear.

Including a value proposition means letting people know what you bring to the table – letting people know that you are more than just a company selling something. 

3. Interact with other users’ content:

If you wish other people to interact with your account, a great thing to do is to interact with them first. Search for your targeted keywords to find out your target audience. See what they are posting and interact with their content. 

Like and leave replies on their tweets. Doing this, they will be more likely to pay attention to your tweets too. People generally think that brands or businesses do not have the time to engage with people, so when you do so, it becomes noteworthy.  

When you implement this consistently over time, you can build a significant relationship with other accounts, not only on Twitter but also across all the social media platforms.

4. Behold the power of hashtags:

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Hashtags are so darn important as they indicate that your content is relevant to a certain topic. They help in organizing and sorting out your tweets. A few while ago, Twitter itself said in a study that the use of hashtags can incredibly increase your click rate and Twitter engagement. 

If you get actions on your tweet as soon as you post it, Twitter considers it as popular and keeps it at the top of search results. When you target your niche keywords and use hashtags accordingly, it will prove to be a real deal. 

Here too, do not stuff hashtags into your tweet – because character count matters!

5. Share links of valuable content: 

One of the easiest ways to create engagement on twitter is by using live links. You simply have to pick up a great article, blog, news or anything that people would like and add it to your tweet. 

Write a short description explaining what the link is all about and what should people expect after clicking on it. You can include your own personal views about the link too.

Also, it will be a plus point if you check whether the link that you are sharing is compatible with mobile devices or not. It has also been studied that tweets with links get up to 80% more retweets than others.

6. Retweet the tweets that you love:

retweets the tweets

When you like other people’s content, it shows that you value what they have written. But when you retweet their content, it indicates that you validate it enough to share it with your network.

This small piece of engagement strategy will contribute a lot to attracting followers in the long term. Taking out the time to retweet their content will make them do the same for yours. Even if you are retweeting the tweet of a person that does not follow you, it will drive them to check out your account and follow you.

7. Keep your tweets crisp and valuable:

Create valuable, interesting and intriguing content. Considering the character limit of a tweet, it is very crucial to keep your tweets crisp and clear. Giving the users what they want is important and makes them find interest in your account. 

Limiting your tweets between 80-110 characters makes them brief enough for people to retweet them easily. Thus, when they aim to retweet, they have enough character space to add their own thoughts or hashtags.

8. Tweet during weekends and peak hours:

twitter during weekends

People are most likely to remain active on social media during weekends, as they generally have a work-off. According to some studies, the peak time during weekdays is in the afternoon, somewhere between 12 pm to 3 pm, as people have their lunch breaks in that time period.

By being able to find out when your target audience is the most active, you will get more views and the Twitter engagement rate will also increase. The peak times may vary, of course, according to the country you live in, industry, location, and audience demographics.

9. Share ‘em visuals:

It is no more a rocket science that tweets containing images and videos receive more likes and retweets, ultimately leading to higher Twitter engagement. Adding a number to it, we have heard that tweets with visuals receive 66% more engagement. Thus, along with a great text, it is beneficial to add an accompanying image. 

Not to forget that infographics are shared three times more often than other images, they can be used if you have some exceptional data to share with the world. 

Adding an image also helps when you have some extra text to share and are limited by the 280 characters. So, get collecting images, videos, graphs, or charts and make your tweets more dynamic.

10. Ask questions:

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One of the most classic tactics is to ask questions and conduct polls in the form of tweets. It consistently works because people love to share their opinions on social media. And if it is a brand doing it, they might take a bit more interest. 

You can ask questions related to anything and everything. It can be a feedback based question for your product or asking them about their new year’s plans. 

By adopting this way, it becomes easy peasy to start conversations and increase engagement.  

11. Request for retweets:

There is no harm in asking people what you want, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. A harmless thing to do is simply adding “Please retweet” or “Please RT” at the end of the tweet. Believe it or not, it actually works if your content provides value to the readers.

Learn that it is not advisable to do this in every other tweet that you make, as people will absolutely ignore it.

Another trick to increase Twitter engagement through retweets is to offer an incentive to people. Many brands offer a discount or a giveaway to those who retweet. 

12. Schedule your tweets properly:

schedule tweets  - recurpost

With the help of a social media scheduling software like Recurpost, you can regularly queue your content without having the burden of tweeting in real-time. This can allow you to space out your tweets evenly throughout the day.  

The more organized you are with your tweets, the more your account can accomplish. Posting out tweets at proper times will increase the number of people who see your posts, thus increasing Twitter engagement

13. Tap into the ongoing trends:

Find out what is trending at the moment and incorporate it into your tweets. On the left-hand side of the twitter page, you can see the topics that are in trend in the nation or even in your area. Jump into this sea, figure out how to relate them to your industry and include those hashtags when you tweet. 

For example, the issue of covid 19 virus is trending right now, so sharing helpful things related to it can definitely create great engagement.

14. Include call to actions:

including call to actions -

Is there anything that you are expecting from people after they read your tweet? Let them know at the end of the tweet. 

Want them to sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to your YouTube channel? Want them to download a fact sheet? Include a call to action as a conclusion. This practice can result in great conversions too.

15. Talk about celebrities:

Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, there are many fans out there who need constant updates about what is happening in the industry. Also, they are very keen to know what famous celebrities are up-to. This trick is definitely going to work and lead to immense engagement as people are much likely to retweet and share.

Each of the above ideas is going to make people talk to you and talk about you on Twitter. Of course, it will take time and dedication to build Twitter engagement and increase your followers. You need to find a strategy that works best for you through trial and error. 

Do not have the time to engage with your target audience? Grow your Twitter account now by using a wonderful growth hacking tool, which will help you in building a presence and growing your brand on Twitter’s platform!