Twitter Bio: 8 Tips to create a Kickass Bio to attract followers

So important yet so underrated! Yes, writing a great Twitter Bio is something that doesn’t cross the mind of a majority of people. Crafting an impressive Twitter bio is indeed easier said than done. 

Does your Twitter bio say anything similar to the following?

  • Coffee lover
  • Travel enthusiast
  • Social media strategist
  • Best growth hacker in town

Sorry to say, but all of these are completely vague and nobody is going to remember them because they are so mainstream and used by every other Twitter user.

Twitter bio is the place to speak about you and your brand – it is the space to introduce yourself and set the mood of your entire profile. And all this needs to be done in 160 characters, or less. As it is one of the first things that is noticed when people come to your Twitter profile, it has to be convincing. Every character needs to count.

Believe it or not, people silently judge you on the basis of what you have written in your bio. It highly affects their decision to follow you or not, especially when you are a brand.

You need to have a perfect balance of words (and emojis too) in order to communicate about your brand on Twitter in the best way. Put in good thought to come up with a creative and engaging introduction. Your Twitter bio is not just there to let people know about what you do, but also to engage your audience and give them a reason to check out your entire profile. 

In this article, we will take you through the best tricks that you can follow to create a bio that justifies who you are in the most engaging manner. In the end, you’ll have a bunch of ideas that you can implement.

Tips to write an out-standing Twitter Bio

1. Showcase your personality

show case your personality - twitter bio- - twitter automation bot tool

The brands that see the best results on Twitter actually show who they are as a group of individuals. But, you need to stay true to what your business is about. If your business’s overall tone is sincere and straightforward, don’t adopt a personality that isn’t you. On the other hand, if your brand does have a hint of humor in its voice, show it off in your bio freely.

Be funny, be serious, be polite. Whatever your brand is about, give people a flavor of its taste.

2. Include keywords in your Twitter bio

How can you even miss this?! Whether you are an individual or a brand, you would want your profile to be discoverable. And that can be done by adding relevant keywords in your Twitter bio. Include words that describe your industry, products, or services. 

You need to think about what your target audience will search while looking for a brand like yours. Include those keywords in your bio so that your profile can pop up in the search results. 

3. Show off your awards or achievements

You read that right! Your Twitter bio is absolutely the correct place to talk about all the things that you have achieved in your life or in business. Be it an award, achievement, the best TED talk, feature in a popular magazine – anything that is a proud moment related to your success – let people know about it. Just don’t overdo it. Explain it using three to four words. For example, “Award-winning journalist”.

4. Don’t go overboard with hashtags - twitter automation bot tool

Hashtags are definitely a great way to be discovered on Twitter. But, unlike other social media platforms, you do not have the exact space to fit in a lot of hashtags. With a space of 160 characters, you would not want your bio to look like a hashtag disaster. Also, according to a study, the accounts with one or no hashtags gain more followers quickly. Writing words as hashtags make you look spammy, so just use your brand or campaign specific ones. 

5. Provide links to other accounts

provide links to other accounts - - twitter automation bot tool

In case you have more than one Twitter account, you can give a link to it in your bio. It can be a customer support channel, parent company, an affiliate, an additional service, or an account dedicated to show your brand’s social activities. You can also mention the account of the company’s CEO or the company where you work (in case of a personal account). It will let your followers know about your other accounts and they can follow them too. You can see the example of one of Twitter’s account itself.

6. Include a call to action

Consider this as a promotional post. What do you want your followers to do after reading your Twitter bio? Follow you? Visit your website? Check out ongoing discounts? Contact you in case of any queries? Download your app? Whatever it is, let them know at the end of the bio. 

Incorporating a call to action is always preferable, whether it is an email, social media post, Twitter ads, or your Twitter bio! It triggers the mind of people to take a particular action and they may eventually end up doing whatever you ask them to do.

7. Do not follow the herd

Do not follow the herd - - twitter automation bot tool

Writing quotes and phrases in a Twitter bio is so overrated! You might have probably seen the same self-anointed titles mentioned in hundreds of bios. People use them because they want to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd and express their individuality. But, wait! The reality is exact opposite. 

In case you want to give yourself a cool title, go for it. But make sure it is not being used already by a huge number of users. Search the particular word or phrase and if the results are flooded with similar results, just drop the idea of using it. 

8. Don’t forget about the supporting actors

Your Twitter bio is supported by a lot of things. Do the following to level up your entire profile:

  • Choose a Twitter handle that describes the name of your brand.
  • Add the location from where you operate. If you have multiple branches, add the location of your headquarters.
  • Keep a high definition image of your logo as the profile picture.
  • Add a link to your website or forum.
  • Check the Twitter analytics and find out the post which performed the best. Then pin that tweet to your profile. 

Here are some Twitter Bio examples we love

1. RecurPost - twitter automation bot tool

RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool. Here, it describes what its tool is about and how it can help its users – all in two crisp and clear sentences. The call to action at the end lets people know where they can check out the tool. The logo and the cover picture are in perfect harmony and complement the bio.  This is a great example of a cut to the chase Twitter bio.

2. Calm - twitter automation bot tool

Calm is an app that helps people to relax and get some peace of mind. In its Twitter bio, at the beginning itself, a clear call to action is stated. It also states that it is the number one app for the features it provides. The emojis used smartly describes what it does – make people smile and sleep.

3. Red Lobster - twitter automation bot tool

What a great line! In just one sentence, Red Lobster lets people know that they serve fresh seafood, and posts fresh tweets too. It has included its brand specific hashtag at the tag which it uses in almost every tweet. The cover photo is used smartly to show the ongoing discounts.

4. Popsicle - twitter automation bot tool

We love how Popsicle played with every option available. In a very short and sweet manner, it says that nothing is impossible for the brand to achieve. It mentions the year when it was launched, and how it is winning the hearts of people since years. Major gameplay is with the location stating how it has a place in every home of USA. as it doesn’t have a website, a link to Facebook profile is provided where people can check other updates.

5. Dove - twitter automation bot tool

Instead of talking about its brand or products, dove chooses to show what it does for the society. It makes it clear that it takes active participation with the things are going on currently in the world. Sharing causes and movements that you undertake as a brand is a great way to show your core values. Dove keeps updating its profile to let its followers know what they are up to.

Get to work!

Now that you know how to write down the perfect Twitter bio, start thinking of modifying your own. It will probably take you a handful of minutes, but is completely worth it. 

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