Tips and Techniques for Free Twitter Followers

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So you want more Twitter followers? Well, who doesn’t?!
Having a whole heap of followers ultimately builds your brand identity and indicates that people value what you have to say or share on the platform. The more followers you have, the more engagement you get – and vice versa. And if your followers are a majority of your target audience, you can even get more conversions. 
Giving rise to a considerable twitter following requires a mix of 3 things: creating the right content, posting it at the right time, and targeting it to the right mix of people. Be consistent with what you provide and keep it rich in quality. You do not need to crack algorithm examinations to increase your organic and free Twitter followers.

While running paid advertisements is an all time favorite for beginners, it is sensible to build a little organic reach first so that when people visit your profile after seeing an ad, they can also consider following your account.

Accordingly, we have created a list of every minor and major move that you can take to boost your Twitter followers for free!

1. Tweet at the correct time:

You might be thinking what exactly can be the right time to tweet. Well, it is a game of trying and testing. People are mostly active on weekends as they are not involved in any kind of office work. 

Also, during the weekdays, the peak times are in the afternoon (between 12 pm to 3 pm) as people have their lunch breaks in that duration, and also during the night (between 9 pm to 11 pm).

Find out when your target audience remains active and schedule your tweets accordingly. It will result in more people interacting with your tweets and you will see a growth in your follower count too.

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2. Make good use of hashtags:

Be it any social media platform, using the right hashtags for your post is a great way to reach more people. But, what sets Twitter apart from other platforms is – unlike Instagram, you do not have a choice to use upto 30 hashtags. 

As you know the character limit of a tweet is only 280 characters, you can use 2-3 hashtags ideally.

So, go to the trending section and discover the hashtags which are popular. Pick up the ones which relate to your industry and include them in your tweets. Thus, people will be able to find you easily and if they find your tweets interesting, you’ll have new free Twitter followers!

Never miss the ever trending hashtags like “Motivational Monday” or “Throwback Thursday”. People always use them and thus your tweets are more likely to get noticed.

3. Send out love in the form of likes:

A very traditional, cliche yet a technique that always works. “Like for like” is something that we all have used at least once in our lifetime. If you want people to notice you, you have to make them feel that they are noticed first. 

When you like other people’s content and engage with them, it will definitely create curiosity and they will be driven to check your account too.

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4. Decorate your profile:

When people come to your profile after seeing a tweet, they should be convinced enough to hit that follow button. You can do that by optimizing your profile with proper details.

Use a human face as your profile picture, or go for the company’s logo. Add your location so that people know from exactly where you are operating. You can utilize the cover photo to announce new products, offers, etc. 

Acknowledge pinning your best tweet at the top of the profile page – it can be a recent promotion that you made or your most popular tweet. 

Make your bio interesting – include your brand’s vision and let people know exactly what your profile will offer if they follow you. Leave your website link, if you have one. Incorporate keywords in your bio. It will increase your chances of being visible.

5. Reply. Retweet. Repeat:

Keep engaging with people continuously and make it a habit to do so. It is the most effective way to get noticed and increase followers organically. Find out the people who might be interested in your product or service through hashtags and locations.

If you find someone’s tweet interesting, retweet it. As you will be doing this as a brand/company, it will create a good impression and people will think that their content was great enough to retweet. 

When people notice that you have retweeted their content quite often, they are not only going to follow you, but can also retweet your content in return (A win win!)

Definitely, you are not going to retweet everybody’s content. But, you can always leave a thoughtful reply on their tweets. Do this often, also with your existing followers, so that they continue engaging with your content.

reply - retweet - repeat

6. Reciprocate follow actions:

Develop a good habit of reciprocating when people follow you. Whenever you receive a notification indicating a new follower, go and check out their account. If you think that they are a part of your target audience, follow them back.

This is a very old tactic to build a strong relationship with your followers and make them stay connected with you for a long period of time. It is even good to reciprocate actions of likes and retweets from your followers.

Twitter also recommends you people to follow on the basis of your interests. You can find your target audience and follow them. Start doing this with small accounts as they are more likely to give you a follow back.

7. Don’t forget to add visuals:

It has been surveyed that people process visuals much faster than texts. Add a relevant image, gif, chart, graph or a video to your tweet. Tweets with visuals attached to them definitely get more interactions as compared to text based tweets.

They make the serial scrollers stop and have a look at what is shared. 150% more engagement rate is generally found in tweets containing visuals. Definitely worth it!

Also, it is the best tactic when you want to share a lot of information but are limited with the 280 characters. Just put up the data in a chart or an infographic and you are done!

Remember to only use high quality images. Blurred images can do no good anyways. Adding videos of live events and using appropriate hashtags also brings in great engagement – ultimately leading to new free twitter followers.

8. Keep Tweeting time and again:

You need to be quite consistent when it comes to posting on Twitter. If you tweet only once in a long while, people are not going to interact with your account. It is a platform where people come to share their fleeting opinions every now and then.

The people who tweet 5-10 times a day tend to increase their reach and thus people get to know about them quicker and follow their accounts. You got to do the same. Tweet regularly and try to engage with the maximum people possible. Provide value in whatever you write and present it to the audience. Make sure that you craft out unique tweets and give out something new every time.

You can even use a social media scheduling tool to post your tweets automatically, which will save you from the hassle of tweeting in real time.

9. Have good conversations:

Don’t hesitate to initiate conversations whenever you get a chance. Twitter is always flooded with activities and many conversations might be related to your niche. Search for the tweets that are relevant to what your company does and start a conversation with the person that posted it.

Similarly, when someone leaves a reply on your tweet, start talking. Don’t try to make sales over here; focus on sharing opinions and knowing more about your target audience. 

Another way to make people indulge in your conversations is to start a poll, ask questions or start contents – it will appear as something interesting to your followers and they will surely initiate the communication.

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10. Participate in twitter chats: 

For every industry, there are twitter chats available. These are not the trending topics or hashtags, but sometimes, the chats can become a trend too. It is all dependent on the number of people participating in the chat.

The main advantage of participating in twitter chats is that you will easily meet like minded people at a single place. It will be very easy to find your target audience and share thoughts and opinions with them and turn them into a follower.

Most of the twitter chats happen once in a week and for one or two hours. Imagine tweeting something and getting replies of over 50 people at a time. Yes, twitter chats give you the attention that you normally won’t get.

11. Watch out your competitors:

Keep a close look on what your competitors are doing. If they are having a huge fan  following, monitor the kind of activities they undertake and the tweets that they make. You do not have to copy them, but you can know what kind of content your target audience likes to see. 

Look at how they initiate conversations with people and how people respond to them. Follow the people from their accounts and they will probably follow you back as you are providing the same kind of services.

This is a very beneficial thing to do while making a strategy to get free Twitter followers.

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12. Never buy followers:

Never ever try to use this tactic. The number might look good on your Twitter account, but those purchased followers are basically bots. Those robots are not going to engage or interact with your content and buy your products or services.

So what is the point of having them? Also, Twitter time and again shuts down accounts which are bots. Only a few months ago, millions of accounts were deactivated – 90% of them were Twitter bots that were paid to follow other accounts.

When you buy followers, the ratio of your followers and engagement rate will look weird. You will be having a lot of followers and still almost nil likes on your tweets. When an actual person looks at that, it becomes very clear that the huge number of followers on your profile is nothing but fake.

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Zero spamming activities. Zero twitter bots. Only organic and free Twitter followers. Whether you want to get customers in the form of more followers or you want to be one of the big names in your industry, following the above mentioned points consistently is going to take you to your desired position. 

Remember one thing, “good things take time.” It takes time to build an organic social media following and you won’t get thousands of followers in a day or two. You will notice a slow and steady growth of high-quality genuine followers over time. 

So go ahead, keep tweeting and engaging, and start raising those numbers up!