How to get free followers on Twitter: Easy Ways [Tried & Tested]

Want to get more followers on Twitter? Well, who doesn’t? 

It doesn’t matter how many thought leaders or Twitter influencers say that it is just a vanity metric, we all enjoy seeing our Twitter followers increasing. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting more followers. If you are a brand on Twitter, a decent follower count is an essential part of your brand’s credibility and authority. Not only that, but also an organic reach on your Twitter timeline is fundamental. Essentially, your brand’s entire Twitter marketing strategy exists in a synergic grip with this number. And that’s the reason why people opt for shortcuts to get more followers on Twitter.

But, always remember not to buy Twitter followers from a third party. They are simply bots – that will do nothing except making your account look spammy. This trick worked some years ago, but not anymore. People can easily recognize when you have fake Twitter followers (some of the leading verified Twitter accounts also have them!). Trust us, they do more harm than good. Therefore, we always stress upon building your twitter presence the old-fashioned way – organically, by providing value to your audience. 

If you want to get more Twitter followers, consistency and engagement are the most important. When you adopt a regular posting schedule and keep on interacting with your audience, you’ll gradually watch your follower count increase.

We have made a complete checklist that will certainly help you in achieving your goal of gaining 1000’s of free twitter followers!

How to get more followers on Twitter in 2020?

In this guide, we are going to talk about the following top tips to get more followers on Twitter.

  1. Have a rocking twitter profile
  2. Be an informer
  3. Don’t be a guest tweeter – tweet regularly
  4. Use visuals in your tweets
  5. Pin your best tweet at the top
  6. Retweet yourself, but don’t spam
  7. Make use of hashtags
  8. Follow relevant people
  9. Monitor and respond to mentions and replies
  10. Create Twitter lists
  11. Try out influencer marketing

Let’s have a brief look at all of them.

1. First things first – create an amazing profile

get more twitter followers - - twitter automation bot tool

As cliche as it may sound, first impressions are definitely the last ones. When a person visits your profile, he/she should be convinced enough to hit that follow button. Make sure that your profile or Twitter handle has the following things covered:

  • Set your brand’s logo as the profile picture. If you are an individual, make sure your face is clearly visible in the picture. 
  • Set a cover picture that displays what your brand is all about. 
  • Craft a perfect Twitter bio that explains about your industry. Include one or two keywords to appear in the search results, as twitter bios are indexed by search engines.
  • Include no more than one hashtag in your bio. 
  • Add the location from where you operate. If you have more than one branch, just add the location of your headquarters/main branch.

2. Be an informer, not a meformer

Meformers are the ones who post updates about themselves. Don’t be one of them! You have to be an informer – the one who posts informational content. According to research, the ones who share informational and valuable content get 2x more Twitter followers as compared to the ones who only share promotional content.

Learn what your audience is interested in. Sharing information on social media works great for your follower count. People will look up to you for the latest information. You can share updates and news related to your niche, how-to articles, or tips and tricks related blog posts.

3. Tweet regularly, tweet consistently

Tweet regularly- tweet consistently-get more twitter followers - - twitter automation bot tool

Nobody remembers the ones who tweet once in a while. In order to get more followers on twitter, you need to be quite consistent. Twitter is the platform that can handle the highest number of posts in a day without irritating the users. A great tip is to use a social media scheduling tool to plan ahead and post quality content at the right times. However, also keep in mind not to overdo it. A maximum of 3 tweets per day can prove to be great in attracting your target audience.

4. Use images and videos in your tweets

Text-based tweets are not bad, but also not the best. They can be easily ignored by people who are serial scrollers. Make it a habit to include visuals in your tweets, because they are more engaging. They receive more likes, replies, and retweets as compared to text-only tweets. 

Use an accompanying image or video that adds meaning to your text. Adding GIFs or memes to tweets has also become a common practice to attract people. Infographics receive 3x more engagement and are shared the most on Twitter. Also, they give an opportunity to share huge data, that you cannot probably share using the 280 character limit.

5. Pin your best tweet

From your tweet history, which is the one tweet that received the highest likes, retweets, or shares? Find it and pin it at the top of your profile. It serves as one of the best things to attract people when they visit your profile for the first time. It also gives people an idea of the kind of tweets they should expect from you after following.

As a brand, you can also pin a tweet related to the current sales or discounts, vision of your company, awards received, or announcement of a new product. 

6. Retweet others and yourself too

Retweet others and yourself too-get more twitter followers - - twitter automation bot tool

It is a very old but effective technique to grab the attention of people. If you find a great tweet that can provide value to your followers, don’t hesitate to retweet it. When you retweet others, they might also reciprocate the same and it will help you to get more Free Twitter followers. Your audience will like it when you share content from other’s profiles too. You can also retweet your old tweets to get more mileage out of your old work. However, don’t be spammy. Undertake this activity only once in a while. 

7. Include relevant hashtags in tweets

Include relevant hashtags in tweets-get more twitter followers - - twitter automation bot tool

Hashtags are a great way of reaching the maximum people. Find out hashtags that are trending, and that are related to your tweet. However, don’t just stuff hashtags in your entire tweet. Considering the character limit, it is best if you use two to three hashtags in one tweet. Hashtags may be a bit tricky to get right, but they will pay off by multiplying your reach beyond your actual number of followers. You can also tweet on popular hashtags like #FollowFriday or #MotivationalMonday.

8. Follow relevant people 

When you don’t already have a lot of followers, it is a good trick to follow people by yourself. But not just randomly or using an artificial scheme. Follow them with intent and with relevance. Find the people who can actually be interested in your brand, and then follow them. If your profile will be appealing enough, they will definitely consider following you back. 

If you don’t want to do this manually, you can use a twitter automation will help you in finding people relevant to your niche and follow them on your behalf. You can also follow the people who are following your competitors and target them towards your profile.

9. Respond to mentions and replies

When you have worked hard to create great content and worked on increasing your engagement too, you should also pay attention to building relationships with your target audience. Respond to the questions and feedbacks that they leave on your tweets. It will serve as a personal touch and they will continue to follow you. If someone is leaving a positive comment, don’t forget to thank them. On the other hand, if someone leaves a negative reply, ask about their issues and try to solve them.

10. Create twitter lists

Many Twitter users love lists, and other people don’t care less about them. Also if you don’t feel it necessary to sort your stream using this feature, please remember that Twitter users will be notified when they are added to a public list. A great tip is to make your list name a bit flattering, something that can catch the eye of anyone immediately. For example, ‘Career inspo’‘hot trends in the industry’, etc. Note that you have the option of creating both a public and a private twitter list. This can prove to be a great hack to get more followers on Twitter.

11. Take advantage of influencer marketing

Take advantage of influencer marketing-get more twitter followers - - twitter automation bot tool

Find out influencers that belong to your industry and believe in the products or services that you provide. It is best to pick micro-influencers as they have a really strong impact on their followers. They are 60% more engaging than the big names in the industry. Also, they will fit into your marketing budget.

Influencer marketing can prove to be a great booster for your brand’s reach. It is a sure shot method to get more Twitter followers in a really short period of time.


Just to let you know, it takes quite a lot of time to get thousands or more genuine followers on Twitter. You just need to be consistent with your daily efforts, and results will automatically start showing up in your profile. Follow all the tips listed above and you’ll get organic and free twitter followers for your account. Combine it with targeted paid promotions, and the results will multiply. These twitter followers hacks are not exactly hacks, as you need to work continuously for growing your engagement.

So, what’s your favorite way to get more followers on Twitter?