Free Twitter Bot: Get Auto followers, Auto Retweet & Likes

A Twitter bot is a bot software that is used to control a Twitter account via the Twitter API. From sending direct messages to automating tweets, from generating auto retweet to auto likes – a Twitter bot offers several skills that you can take advantage of. 

Twitter has now become one of the top three social media platforms in the world. With 330 million monthly active users, it is no wonder why people yearn to have maximum engagement on their posts. As it is a microblogging platform where people come to share their opinions every now and then, the average life span of a tweet is very less. You have to catch the attention of people within the first 18 minutes of uploading your tweet! If you don’t get enough likes and comments during this period, your tweet will get lost in the algorithm.

Therefore, people use a Twitter bot to maximize the engagement levels of their tweets. With a Twitter bot, you can completely automate your activities on Twitter, such as auto like and retweet others content, and auto follow people; which encourages engagement. This helps in saving a lot of time as you don’t have to do things manually. A Twitter bot can also be used as a chatbot to answer questions from your clients and to enhance customer service. It can also be used to promote and share details of your products or services. Thus, as a business, it can be very helpful to enhance your Twitter marketing strategy.

There are two ways in which you can implement the use of a Twitter bot on your profile:

Let’s discuss about both of them so that you can decide which is the best option for you.

Using a Twitter automation tool

Using an automation tool is the easiest way to increase engagement on your Twitter profile. There are many tools available on the internet to automate your account activities. However, we have found out the best three that will completely take control of your account’s engagement levels.


Twitter automation tool is a twitter automation tool that will auto like and auto retweet your target audiences’ content, and also auto follow them. All these actions will create curiosity in people and they will check your account back. You can create 4 different types of promotions to let undertake actions from your account on your behalf. gives you the feature of setting a sentiment score. It will filter out all the critical and negative tweets and will interact only with those having a positive tone. You can also set the daily limit of liking, retweeting, and following. Reports are provided for all the activities that are undertaken which can be downloaded as CSV files.

2. Revive old posts

revive old posts-twitter automation tool

It is a plugin available for WordPress. Using this, you can connect your Twitter account with your blog and keep posting tweets from your archives. This plugin offers the following features:

  • Automatically share new and old posts to Twitter
  • Autoshare to Twitter when you publish a new blog post
  • Choose the time gap between the sharing of posts
  • Create a group of hashtags
  • Choose the maximum and minimum number of posts that will be shared to Twitter
  • Insert links that take people back to your website
  • Integrate with Google analytics and track the increase in traffic

3. TweetStats

TweetStats-twitter automation tool

This Twitter tool can be used to generate reports of your Twitter activities. You just need to enter your Twitter handle and it will show you the following information:

  • The total number of tweets that you made each month in the last three years
  • The average number of tweets made each day
  • The average number of tweets that you make at a particular time of a day.
  • The interfaces used for posting tweets
  • The twitter usernames of the accounts whose tweets you retweet the most
  • The twitter usernames of the accounts on whose tweets you reply the most

How to make your own Twitter Bot

A few key strategies and some undivided attention are required in order to make your own Twitter bot. 

1. Create a developer account

Applying for a developer account is the very first step to create a Twitter bot. It will enable you to make an app inside Twitter. Don’t worry, it is completely free to do so. 

To apply for a Twitter developer account, you need to go to Twitter will ask for a reason to apply for an account. Be clear with your intentions to avoid any issues in the future. Select the user profile that will be associated with the bot. It can be your personal profile but try to make a separate Twitter account for this purpose. Then you need to specify whether your bot is associated with an organization or is meant for your personal use. 

2. Create a Twitter app

create a twitter app-twitter automation tool

After agreeing to the terms and conditions of making a developer account and verifying it, you will be able to create your apps.

On the developer account’s dashboard, click on the button saying ‘Create an app’ on the right-hand upper corner. You will just have to fill in the following information to make your app live:

  • App name: It will appear as the source of your tweets. Thus, it is advisable to use your own name or your company’s name.
  • App description: A little paragraph stating the purpose of your app. This will be visible to the users.
  • Website URL: Just like your name, you can choose a URL.
  • If you are an organization, enter the name of the organization and the website URL.

3. Develop your Twitter app

Your app can be developed using Python. It offers services that can be used to develop apps. You can also use Google script to create Twitter bots. You can test your bot virtually in this development territory.

Connect your app with the development environment. Then, locate the API keys and access tokens of your Twitter app. You can find them in the section of App details. After that, make sure to go through the app’s permissions precisely and regulate them. Enable the option of ‘read and write’, if you want your app to perform in a better manner and to make it capable of direct messaging.  

4. Program your Twitter bot

After developing, you need to program your bot so that it can take actions on your account automatically. Some options that you can add are:

  • Twitter search: This part is for putting your commands into place and is the most crucial part of programming your Twitter bot.
  • Choose actions: You need to choose the actions that your Twitter bot can undertake. For example, retweeting automatically or sending messages to your followers. You can also add text to your actions.
  • Start and end time: Choose the start and end time for your bot to function. You can choose a scheduling tool for this purpose too.

After completing all the steps, don’t forget to test your Twitter bot and check if it is working properly or not!

Twitter Bot checker

twitter bot checker - twitter bot automation tool

As you already know, Twitter’s platform is full of bots. Certainly, not all of them are harmful. News channels and multi-national companies use a Twitter bot to publish content and headlines. Some are used for sharing funny or informative content. Further, some people use a Twitter bot to follow accounts, like their content and drive engagement to their profiles.

But, there are some harmful ones too – that keep on tweeting repeatedly and are infamous for being argumentative. They are the real problem in influencing the way that people think. When a simple issue goes viral within no time, it appears as if hundreds of people care about it, but it’s all just made up.

“People have this heuristic where we give more credibility to opinions that look more widely shared, and this is central deception that bots help and create,” Clayton A. Davis, lead developer of Botometer said. “They lend artificial credibility to whatever opinion or position or agenda that the bot creator wants to push.”

Here’s how you can check whether a Twitter account is a bot or not:

1. Botometer

Botometer is a tool that can be used to detect a Twitter bot. The Botometer library makes use of a machine-learning set of rules that helps you to know if a specific tweet is made by means of a bot. Its API takes the user ID as data and then collects 1200 features specific to the user to calculate the score. The more the score is, the higher is the bot activity on that account.

2. BotSight

BotSight is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Download it and you will certainly get the expert eyes capable of scanning every tweet. A score in green indicates that the account is real and handled by a person. Likewise, a red score shows that a Twitter bot is behind all the activities.


While you have decided to grow your account by using a Twitter bot, make sure you do it the right way. If you don’t want to get into the technicalities of making your own Twitter bot, using a twitter automation tool is the best option. Remember to set a higher sentiment score while using a tool, so that your account doesn’t interact with any sensitive or political issue.

So, which option are you going to choose to automate your twitter account? Let us know in the comments section!