Free Auto Retweet Tools to help you Retweet Easily

witter is one of the widely used social platforms by people to share their points of view and get daily updates about what’s going all around the globe. There are 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. People share their thoughts by tweeting and these are further shared by others via retweeting. When we find something related to our interest, we retweet it to show up on our twitter profile. For this purpose, people tend to use auto retweet tools too. So, let’s understand what retweets and these auto retweet tools are.

A retweet, as per the name suggests, is reposting of a tweet on twitter. This feature helps you to share the tweet with all your followers. Just like hashtags, a retweet allows people to grow conversations easily and rapidly. 

In easy language, you can call “retweet” as “repeat”, as you repeat the message of other Twitter users. Also, retweeting your own tweet is a good option if you want to spread light on your old tweets.

Some people also use the abbreviation “RT”, instead of a retweet, at the beginning of the tweet, which resembles that they are posting someone else’s content.

Auto retweet tools help you in different ways:-

It not only retweets a tweet but also helps you in gaining likes whenever they post a tweet on their timeline enabling them to gain a greater engagement. There are a number of tools available to use on the internet and every tool comes with add-up features.

In addition, retweeting your own page will make it more popular and visible to a good number of audience. This is the reason, now most of the social media marketers use auto retweeting tools. These tools fasten the retweeting process, That is, you can retweet in bulk and make your profile more visible in order to get a good number of audiences. Hence, we can say that auto retweets make a great impact in boosting your insights, finding clients, increasing your audience, and finally, this all will result in a good profit.

People are generally confused about which auto retweet tool to use. So, here are some free and effective auto retweet tools:

  2. TweeDeck
  3. GroupTweet
  4. Retrans Twitter
  5. IFTT

1. offers both free to access and the premium services. The free to access has limited features though. Still, it’s a great auto retweet tool to start with.

With, you can easily schedule your activities and they’ll be posted even if you are not online. comes with features that help you to gain retweets and likes whenever they post your content which ensures a greater engagement of the audience.

How to Auto Retweet Using comes with the feature that allows the user to post retweets to accounts that you directly control. You need to define a master account and 1 or more twitter accounts to build-up a new feed. 

i) Click on the feed you need to change and expand it.

 how to use - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

ii) Click on the Connect social button

connect social platform - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

iii) Click on Twitter Icon.

click on twitter icon - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

iv) A window that shows your existing Twitter accounts show up

connect existing twitter account - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

v) Select the Twitter accounts you would want to set and Retweet on your account. The first account that you will click on is the one that will be your Original account and then the rest will be Retweet accounts.

select twitter account to tweet - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

You can also change your origin account by simply clicking on it. A new page will open that allows you to set your new origin account.

set your origin account - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

vi) You can ultimately click on Update once your settings are configured as you would want them to.

click on update - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

vii) The image below shows how it should look like once you are all set.

after setting how it would look like -auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

2. Tweetdeck

tweetdeck - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

TweetDeck is one of the simplest tools for auto retweet. First. you need to visit TweetDeck and click on the tweet you want to share, then click on the retweet button, then code it for the retweet option to appear on the screen. The activity status will appear as a message and the process is done. Follow these simple steps mentioned below: 

How to use TweetDeck for iPhone or Android to Retweet?

i) Open the TweetDeck App

ii) Tap on any tweet you want to retweet.

iii) Press the Retweet icon – the icon that shows arrows going in a circle just below.

iv) Click on send to retweet

How to use TweetDeck to retweet on your PC

i) Open TweetDeck on your PC

ii) Click on the tweet you need to be retweeted – It will be selected automatically.

iii) Drag the mouse pointer over the accounts profile picture

iv) Click on the ‘Right Arrow’

v) Click ‘send’

3. GroupTweet

GroupTweet is used to auto retweet tweets, hashtags, keywords, emojis, or phrases.

Grouptweet - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

The good news is with GroupTweet you can actually choose your audience. You have two options:

  1. Auto retweet tweets from any users, in your following.
  2. Create a list of specified contributors under the Contributors Tab

How to use GroupTweet to setup automated retweets?

While using GroupTweet, setting up automated retweets is based on these two scenarios:-

  1. When a specific list of Twitter users sends a tweet containing any of your any of defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji, it automatically retweets.
  2. When any of the users,from your following, send a tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers. This really helps when you have too many potential contributors to list.

Steps to follow when setting up GroupTweet auto retweet:

1: Connect the twitter account with GroupTweet

2: Enable tweet approval.tap “Tweet Approval Disabled” and Then tap on “Require Approval For All Tweets”.

Enable tweet approval - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

3: Change the tweet format to “Native Twitter Retweet” 

Change the tweet format - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

4: Select your tweeting method

select your tweeting method - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

You can choose hashtags, emoji, keyword, phrases, and @mention method.

Step 5: Select Contributor Settings

4. RetransTwitter

Retrans Twitter is another one of the best free auto retweet tools. It retweets on any twitter account you instruct it to.

The steps to use retransTwitter are as follows:

Step 1: First, authenticate it with Twitter

Retrans Twitter - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

Step 2: Configure your auto-retweet settings

configure your auto-retweet settings - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool


IFTT stands for “If this then that”. It is a free service which automatically retweets when a twitter user tweets. IFTT has two auto retweet free applet tools. The first applet comes in a basic version that offers a bit of customization and the second applet is much more modified and offers you full control of customization.

Auto Retweet Applet 1: How it works

This is the simplest and easy to set up. Just add the user you wish to follow.

add the user you wish to follow- iftt-auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

Auto Retweet Applet 2: How it works

After signing in you will need to click on the settings icon, just above on the right.

click on the settings icon - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool
  • Customize the applet by giving a unique name or rather leave it as default. You can check your notification if the applet is already set-up.
  • Add the username you wish to follow.
  • Customize the tweet text with “ingredients”: username, text, link to a tweet, created at or tweet embedded code.
  • Click “Save” to set up.
  • Test your applet to confirm if it works properly.
test your applet - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool


IFTT also performs other functions too. When you link your other social media accounts to your Twitter account. For example, if you post something on Facebook, it will automatically get posted to Twitter.

6. is a website that helps you find related and relevant tweets that will be automatically retweeted to your twitter account.

How it works

It auto retweets in two ways:

  1. Based on hashtags
  2. Based on @mention - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

How to set-up

Firstly, you have to create a list of all the user accounts you want to retweet. Use the tool “ManageFilter”. Then follow the given steps.

1. Go to the site and sign up.

2. Include a retweet function by tapping the ‘+’ button.

include a retweet function - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool

3. Select “Retweet from the list’.

4. Enter relevant info into the three fields: Username, List Name, and keyword.

5. You can also click the funnel icon on the right of the RT function and choose the appropriate filter.

click the funnel icon - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool


It is a website that provides you free twitter retweets. It offers both paid and free options.

Follow the following steps to use Bonuslike free method:

  1. Register on
  2. Open the interface.
  3. You can either fill in the balance or earn it for free.
  4. Select your preferred twitter account.
  5. Configure services and choose a retweet.
  6. Have your results.


Before using auto retweet tools or twitter bots, ensure that:

  1. It has a user-friendly interface.
  2. It should be at a reasonable price for paid options.
  3. Fast auto Retweeting should be available.
  4. Your activities should be risk-free of spams.

Other than these tools and websites, people use auto twitter retweet bots too. Now let’s take a look at what a Twitterbot is.

A Twitter bot is a bot software that is used to control a Twitter account via the Twitter API. It has numerous advantages, from sending messages to automating tweets and from generating auto retweets to auto likes.

People usually choose this to maximize their audience engagement. This helps in saving plenty of time. 

There are two ways in which you can implement the use of a Twitter bot on your profile:

Let’s have an overview of them:

Use a Twitter automation tool

Tweetful - auto retweet tools - twitter automation bot tool is a twitter automation tool that auto likes and auto retweet the user’s content. It also has an option of auto-follow. You can set daily limits according to your need of liking, retweeting, and following. Plus point is that it also filters out all the negative interactions from your profile. 

Create your own Twitter bot

How to create a bot:-

These are some basic steps to follow, you can check out our other blog about tweet bot to get an idea in brief.

  1. Create a developer account.
  2. Create a Twitter app.
  3. Develop your twitter app.
  4. Program your twitter app.

After the compilation of all the steps doesn’t forget to testify your twitter app. You can test your app using a Twitter Bot checker.

The two widely used twitter checkers are listed below:

  1. Botometer
  2. BotSight

So, I think now you would be taking away a lot of knowledge about how to grow your profile on twitter using the auto retweet tools listed above. All the best!