Fake Tweet Generator: How to generate fake tweet?

You have most probably encountered fake Twitter conversations all over the web. Images of such conversations spread like wildfire from one social media platform to another. From prime ministers discussing about World War to fictional characters interacting with each other as if they existed in the real world – the chat threads are everywhere. All these are generated using a fake tweet generator.

There are basically two ways in which you can use these conversation images created by a fake tweet generator. 

  • First, they are really fun little graphics. They can be ideally used to make your audience laugh, convey an inside joke, or anything humorous that people would enjoy reading. Fans of TV programs, books and film series, and video games have been producing them for years.
  • Second, you can smartly use them for marketing your brand’s products or services. People of certain demographics can be targeted to increase twitter engagement in a fun manner. They are highly shareable pieces of content and people would love sharing it in their social networks too. This will ultimately increase the reach of your post. All it takes is a watermark for your website and a great graphic that is sure to make the rounds and get your name out on the internet.

 For creating an amazing fake conversation, you don’t require any kind of designing or coding experience. You require only 2 major things to do it in the correct manner:

  • A reliable fake tweet generator 
  • Some good brainstorming!

Whatever your purpose to create a fake conversation is, here are some tweet generators that will help in making your own fake posts. They are free to use and all of them do not even require to be downloaded. Just hop onto their websites and create amazing fake tweets in mere 5 minutes!

Fake tweet generator tools

1. Zeoob’s Fake Tweet Generator


This tool provides you a mockup of the Twitter tweet. You can mimic the tweets of celebrities chatting with you to mock your friends or followers. To use this fake tweet generator, you need to upload the profile pictures of yourself and the other person. Then set your name, your twitter username, and the same for the other person. You can type in the chat and set the date and time of the tweet. 

You can also set the count of likes and retweets that you want to show for the particular tweet. The official blue verification tick can also be added. Not only text, but this generator also allows you to add an image to your fake tweet. You can set the device name too. For example, ‘Twitter for Android.’

After you are done with all the customization, click on the ‘Save it’ button. Then you can share the generated image directly to your social profile and can save it as an image to your computer.

2. Prank Me Not – Fake tweet generator


This is yet another fake tweet generator with a simple user interface. Go to prankmenot.com and click on the Twitter tab. This generator provides two options: Creating a fake tweet post and creating a fake conversation in the form of a direct message.

While creating a fake post, you need to first upload a profile picture, set the name, and choose a twitter handle. Then insert a message which will become the text of your post. You can add a link in the text too. Next, choose the date and time of the tweet. You can choose to show whether you are following that person or not. The text for the follow and following button can also be set according to your choice.

While creating a fake conversation, you can choose a language in which you want the chat to be. There are 9 different languages available in this fake tweet generator. After selecting a language, enter the name of the person with whom you are having the chat. Then you can upload separate profile pictures for both yourself and the other person by switching the tabs saying ‘Person 1’ and ‘Person 2’.

Set the messages one by one by switching the tabs. You can also set the time at which the messages are sent. You can add a photo text, message text, and a footer to your conversation. After filling in all the details, the generator will allow you to save the fake tweet conversation as an image.

3. Simitator – Fake tweet and chat generator


Simitator is much similar to Prank me not fake tweet generator. Along with Twitter, you can also generate fake chats and status for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram posts, Yahoo answers, iPhone text messages, and a lot more. 

To generate a fake tweet, you need to fill in the following information:

  • A profile picture
  • A twitter username
  • The text that will be displayed as the tweet
  • A link or @ mention, if any
  • Date and time of the tweet
  • Option of following/not following the person in the tweet
  • Embedded text
  • Reply, retweet, favorite, and more button text

To generate a fake conversation, you are required to fill in the following details:

  • The name of person with whom you are having the conversation
  • Profile picture of both people
  • Chat thread
  • Time of messages sent

The messages and time need to be entered one by one by switching between person 1 and person 2. You can add as many messages as you want to. After completing the info, the pictures can be downloaded as JPG images. But, the quality is normally not up to the mark. Thus, it is advisable to take a screenshot instead of saving the image directly from the generator.

4. Tweet Gen – Fake tweet and pop-up generator

Tweet Gen-fake-tweet-generator-TweetJumbo.com-twitter-automation-bot-tool

Using this fake tweet maker, you can create 3 different types of things: Fake tweet, account blocked message, and account suspension message. It is updated with twitter’s new look which makes it very difficult to realize that it is fake. 

While creating a fake tweet, this generator gives you an option of selecting the theme. You can choose from 3 options: Light, Dim, and Dark. After that, you have to upload the profile picture. You can upload a picture as JPG or PNG. Upload a square picture only, otherwise it will get stretched and not appear properly in the tweet. Next, enter the name and twitter handle. In the twitter handle, you can only use letters, numbers, and underscores.

Then enter the content of your tweet. (@) mentions and (#) hashtags will automatically get converted into links. Otherwise, you can use {{LINK}} to stimulate a link in the tweet. You can upload an image in the tweet as well. Again, only JPG and PNG images are accepted. After that, select the date and time of the tweet. For the number of likes and retweets, you can select any number you want, or else just click on the ‘Randomize’ button and any random number will be entered automatically in the tweet. Lastly, you can enter the device name (client), such as ‘Twitter for iPhone’, ‘Twitter Web App’, or ‘Twitter for Android’. Save the image after completing all the details and share it on all of your social networks.

5. Won-how-to’s Fake Tweet Maker

wonhowto fake-tweet-generator-TweetJumbo.com-twitter-automation-bot-tool

Wonhowto.com offers three tools: Twitter font generator, fake tweet generator, and fake messenger chat. What’s unique with this fake tweet maker is that you can create tweets with replies. Thus, you can create an entire thread without using any kind of photoshop. This tool also lets you choose between three themes – Light, Dim, and Dark. The process of creating a fake tweet is the same as the rest of the generators. 

First, upload the info of the main tweet. You need to upload a profile picture, set a name, and a twitter handle. Write the tweet text, set the date, time, and the number of likes and retweets. Choose whether you want to have a blue tick near the username or not. 

After the main tweet is created, enter the details of the replies (comments). Choose the name of the person and the reply text. You can enter all the details that you filled in for the main tweet. A preview will be available as you type in the information. When finished, take a screenshot and share it anywhere you want!

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