Buy Twitter Followers – Pros and Cons of Paid and Organic Strategies

Every Twitter user wishes to have as many followers as possible. It’s the recognition; for some, it’s business. You can’t tell the motive behind the need for more followers. While that’s one side of the coin, how to get these followers is another issue. Some choose to go the hard way by trying as much as possible to increase traffic on their page, while others are smart enough to use some tools.

It is essential to know why you want to gain Twitter followers because it will affect the kind of effort you’re willing to put in for the expected results. It would be best if you also considered where you are and the things you do wrong to work on the basics before proceeding to the actual task. There’s an importance of getting more followers – be aware of that as well. Let’s dig deeper and learn more.

Different Twitter users want to gain Twitter followers for their motives. However, there are two main reasons why account holders wish to more followers;

  • Recognition – It’s a marvelous feeling to wake up and say a word to many people at the same time and get positive responses. Many Twitter users are looking for the satisfaction of having many people supporting them. They, in turn, get the drive to do better as some of these followers are looking up to them, others rely on their jokes and motivation, and others are just there for the retweets.
  • Business – The other reason users are looking to get Twitter followers is because they have a business. They want to create awareness of their brand and what they offer as a way of digital marketing. Others don’t own these businesses, but they want to vie for brand ambassador opportunities on adverts.

The hustle of getting these Twitter followers has a reward at the end. Once you gain Twitter followers, you stand a chance to enjoy benefits such as;

For You as an Individual

  • You get to increase your fan base
  • You enjoy more likes and retweets
  • You gain popularity, and people embrace your thoughts and opinions
  • You influence people positively, and some regard you as their role model
  • You get a large number of people to learn from in the comment section.

To Your Business

  • Ability to create brand awareness
  • Opportunity to increase organic SEO
  • Helps in expanding the web traffic
  • It makes the promotion of products easier
  • It betters the user engagement
  • It increases sales

As much as you’re aspiring to add some more followers to your list, some things might be contributing to your situation of having fewer followers. For a progressive account, you should constantly work on a few issues to ensure that you qualify for more followers. Some of the things to take note of and try to change include;

  • Twitter bio – Make it enjoyable and captivating.
  • User profile photo – Upload a photo of yourself and avoid having Twitter’s default avatar for a profile photo.
  • The welcome messages – If someone follows you, you don’t want to scare them aware with messages giving multiple tips on becoming a millionaire in a week.
  • Exaggerated self-promo – Do not showcase excessive ambition to do something, especially if you want to make sales.
  • Too many tweets – Don’t tweet about just about every experience you get in a day. Give your users a break. No one wants their feed to be filled with irrelevant stuff.
  • Not tweeting at all – At least try and say something. Do not, on the other hand, decide to be quiet all through. That doesn’t make you interesting at all.
  • Unnecessary hashtags – Only use hashtags that add value to your post.

The Different Approaches to Increase Twitter Followers

There are two approaches to follow if you want to gain Twitter followers. One involves putting in your effort, while the other consists of using a tool that does most of the work for you. These two strategies are the paid and organic strategies. They both differ in approach, and tasks vary as well. Let’s learn more about them.

The paid strategy makes use of platforms or websites that does the job for you. On these websites, you can buy followers at a fee added to your profile ASAP. Packages differ depending on the number of followers that you seek to buy. They usually begin from 100 followers as it advances to as many followers as you want. This is a direct approach as you get the followers ASAP. It involves signing into the website and making a purchase, and your followers will be delivered according to your package.

Another approach to this paid strategy is by paying for a Twitter Ads campaign. It’s a better alternative and a better value for your money. Rather than buying followers, you get to select what you want in particular. With the Twitter Ads campaign, you get to choose your different objectives; app install, followers, tweet engagements, promoted video views, website clicks or conversions, and app re-engagement.

Since we’re focusing on getting more followers, you choose that option. You get to select a particular demographic or based on interests. It helps you choose specific people who will be potential customers or people aware of what you are advocating for. That way, there’ll also be an increase in comments because the new followers relate to your post’s content.


  1. They focus on a particular target group. You get the opportunity to indicate who you want to reach out to.
  2. They are effective and produce quick results.
  3. It is easy to use the ads if you chose the Twitter Ads campaign because the templates are just there.
  4. Easy to set up a membership on websites and inquire about flexible payment methods.
  5. Most of the followers you buy are fake.
  6. There are no changes in engagements since the counterfeit followers cannot participate.
  7. Some websites have quite expensive packages.

The organic strategy to get Twitter followers involves a couple of steps and roles to play to trigger a follower increase. Some of the things you will do include sharing relevant information, posting visual content, tweeting consistently, relying on micro-influencers, advertising your Twitter handle on other channels, and running a followers campaign. While that is not enough, you can also optimize your posting time, utilize hashtags, be more engaging with retweets, tags, and replies, have an inviting profile and test your tweets. There’s a good side to it and also a bad side as well. Below are the pros and cons


  1. It attracts good traffic
  2. Improves engagement on your page
  3. It’s free.


  1. It takes a lot of time and effort
  2. Requires some skill and attention
  3. There is a lot to do
  4. Results don’t turn out as expected.

It’s pretty interesting to know that you can increase your Twitter followers no matter their disappointment with your current figures. There are two main ways to choose, and each has some bit of hustle to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. However, the paid strategy will save your time and efforts, which is the best option for faster results.