Best Twitter Automation Tools and Bots

Getting engagement on social media is fun for most people, but when you own a business and you’re striving to get exposure, followers, and engagement for your brand, it’s work. Twitter is one of the fastest social media channels for growing engagement.

The very design of this platform creates a platform that can be quickly scanned and read without a lot of effort.

While it’s easy to scan and read through the feed, it takes work and effort to garner followers across this network. Most business owners don’t have the time it takes to grow their Twitter profile while handling the day-to-day operations of their business.

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Best Twitter Automation Tools & Bots (2021)

Outsourcing is the answer for business owners, influencers, brands, and anyone trying to get exposure on Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The challenge in outsourcing is that some companies and services aren’t ethical or honest about what they deliver. How do you differentiate between those that are quality Twitter bots, tools, & growth services and those that aren’t?

The following is a guide to the best Twitter marketing services, tools, apps, software and bots available to automate your growth and engagement.

1.) TweSocial – Top Twitter Automation Tool

Twesocial Twitter Automation Tool Review

TweSocial is unique in that it’s not a bot at all.

This is a managed Twitter growth service. Their services offer the proper social media marketing strategies and they put in the effort and hard work to ensure your Twitter engagement is what you expect and want. The best part is that they deliver real, genuine engagement, not fake followers, or anything like that.

All you do is sign up, await your assigned case manager who will be working exclusively with you, provide them with relevant information about your business, expectations, audience, and location so they can efficiently and accurately do their job. TweSocial delivers a weekly report to you on your Twitter growth and engagement progress so that you’re completely in the loop as you watch your followers and engagement grow.

2.) Tweeteev – Top-rated Twitter Growth Tool

Tweeteev Review

If you need effective, efficient automated Twitter growth that’s not going to muck you around like some other companies out there, then we suggest checking out Tweeteev. If you want to get more Twitter followers with some of the best Twitter growth on the market, go for Tweeteev. They can effortlessly help you grow your profile with active, real followers.

One thing that we like a lot about these guys is that their followers are targeted, which means that they’re designed specifically for your profile. Only the right people who are most likely to be really interested in checking out your content are going to see it, which of course is going to increase the chances of them following you for a long time.

They also promise organic growth only, which is the most sustainable option. Lastly, they’re completely safe, so there’s no risk to your account’s reputation.

3.) Jarvee – Top Twitter Bot

Jarvee - Twitter bot

Unlike the first two in our list of the best Twitter automation bots and tools, Jarvee is a bot, but it’s a really good Twitter bot.

This automation tool is designed to automatically schedule your tweets and engagement across Twitter for you. Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation software program capable of handling multiple accounts across all the major social media platforms, including Twitter.

The only downside is that it only works on Windows PCs and it operates continually on your computer. They promise and deliver fast Twitter (and other social media) growth and they say they can grow it ten times faster than the average automation tool.

They can help you grow all your social media accounts quickly and safely, providing more methods of driving more traffic to your social media and your website via followers and clicks. Jarvee’s goal is to help you obtain more leads for your business and for branding using their social media marketing strategies. If you want your brand and business to spread quickly across Twitter and multiple social media networks, this is a go-to bot. You have control of your engagement across social channels.

4.) Social Savage – Get More Twitter Followers

Social Savage

Social Savage isn’t technically considered a bot, but it is a highly recommended service for enhancing your following on Twitter and other social networks. Like TweSocial, Social Savage has a simple process for getting started. You choose from one of their concise and clear Twitter packages for Followers and/or Likes, and Retweets then let them promote your Twitter account via proper and efficient social media marketing strategies. They work to get you followers who are interested in your niche and are willing to follow and engage with you on Twitter. Your Twitter account will be promoted through all the major social media networks (that you choose) including, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

5.) Narrow – A Popular Automation Tool

Narrow is a popular Twitter automation tool that is touted to help you build a high-quality, targeted niche audience. Based on hashtags, keywords, and interests, this tool started performing auto-following and auto-liking on Twitter.

It is designed to build your audience according to your specific niche and data. Only people within your specified audience will follow you, so you are building an audience of interested potential customers. You simply choose from one of their account types to start building hundreds of followers per week. The dashboard allows you to add keywords for both bios and tweets, expanding your reach of relevant followers on Twitter.

You can also blacklist users and narrow your results based on your needs. Narrow allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, depending on the package you choose.

6.) Twiends – Free Twitter Growth Tool


When you’re looking for a Twitter automation tool that is responsible, Twiends fits that description. They claim to be a leading directory of social media users that help you connect with new people on Twitter.

A unique benefit that Twiends provides that others don’t is their free learning page and home page. They make it clear that they don’t sell Twitter followers. You garner followers via their process of discovery created by each user. They do not automatically add followers to your Twitter account.

Twiends offers you an opportunity to be part of a moderated, unique community that avoids to the best of their ability any spam or fake users. You join for free (a bit misleading because they do charge you later) and gain followers via their connections. The downside is that you sign in with your Twitter account, if you consider that a downside. It is designed to work well with your account and help you with your growth and engagement.

7.) Tweepi – Grow Your Twitter Followers


Tweepi openly markets itself as using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to grow your Twitter account. FYI, that just means it’s a bot. This automation tool is designed to target users according to user names (@user), competitors (@competitors), hashtags (#yourniche), and interests. It filters out anyone outside of your geo-location or those who speak a different language.

You have control of your filters and configuration. Tweepi then monitors Twitter for predominately active users within your perimeters. AI takes over the hard work and uses your filters to engage like-minded users via follows, likes, retweets, and inactive unfollows.

Interacting with relevant and interested users help you gain exposure, which will attract more like-minded users to your account, website, and profile. This is how you build followers and potential customers.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Automation Tools & Bots

Business and influencer Twitter goals are essentially the same as the individual’s goals. That is to get attention to your Twitter account and create engagement, which is especially crucial to business and business growth.

Twitter, as well as all major social media channels, should be part of your business marketing strategy in today’s world. The methods you use for growth and engagement are just as important. You cannot afford to spend your marketing dollars on low-quality fake followers and spammy bots that are likely to get your Twitter account suspended or banned.

I’ve done the research for you and found these top Twitter growth services to be the safest, fastest, and most trustworthy for your Twitter account. Feel free to do your own research to discover which is best for your needs. Keep in mind that all automation services for social media come with pros & cons, so know what you’re getting into before you choose. If you choose one that allows you the freedom to set your own controls for growth and engagement, make sure you aren’t exceeding the guidelines of Twitter.

The best way to find a Twitter growth service is to read user reviews and professional reviews.