Best Free Twitter Tools to clean up Non-followers

When it comes to social media, we all are taught that it is extremely important to communicate and interact with people continuously in order to create interaction and grow relationships. This is indeed a great thing, but on sites like Twitter, we always create a mass of people whom we follow, because ultimately they don’t follow us back. Thus, it is necessary to unfollow the people who are not adding any value to your account. And if you are too tired of unfollowing fake or in-active accounts manually from time to time, you can use Twitter unfollow tools to do the job.

There are a lot of Twitter unfollow tools available that can help you out with unfollowing irrelevant people. But, in order to save your time of trial and error, we have put together this list of best tools that you can use.

But before we jump into the list, let’s know why you should use Twitter unfollow tools and how they can help you.

Why you should unfollow irrelevant people on Twitter?

  • When you unfollow inactive, fake, or irrelevant people; it gives you the space to follow other users who can actually add some value to your Twitter profile.
  • Twitter has a certain limit on the number of people you can follow. Every Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you can follow additional accounts. 
  • This number is different for each account and is automatically calculated based on your unique ratio of followers to following.
  • If there is an excessive amount of following as compared to followers, your account can be locked too.
  • People who blast out tweets every single hour and spam should be unfollowed to reduce the clutter on your newsfeed.
  • Unfollowing people who are not connected or aligned with your company would allow you to have more time to focus on those who have enough opportunities for you.

Now let us see some of the best Twitter unfollow tools that will assist you in the “unfollow clutter mission!”

1. TweetJumbo

twitter unfollow automation bot tool

TweetJumbo is a twitter automation tool that helps you with increasing engagement of your Twitter profile. It has different promotions available that you can run in order to fulfill different objectives. It basically follows people on your behalf, likes and retweets their tweets, and attracts people to checkout and follow your account too. You can set parameters on which type of accounts you want to interact with. Similarly, it also has a promotion that you can use to unfollow irrelevant people from your account.

The reason why this is one of the best Twitter unfollow tools is that while running an unfollow promotion, you get the following options:

a. Promotion name

Give your promotion a name that is easy for you to remember. You can type in anything that you like – for example, Joy’s Unfollow promotion. This name will appear as the headline in the promotions dashboard, so be sure that you write a name by which you can easily differentiate between various promotions.

b. Whitelisted keywords

These can also be referred to as niche keywords, which are important for your account. This field can be utilized when you do not wish to unfollow certain people.

For example, if you type in the keywords ‘photography’ and ‘street photography’, accounts who have these keywords in their bio will be whitelisted and will not be unfollowed.

c. Followers/Following ratio

This is the ratio that considers the number of followers and following of the Twitter accounts. It is quite natural that only some accounts will be having a high followers count while some will be following a lot of people. Not all the accounts will have a balanced ratio.

Hence, it is suggested to leave this box as it is, if you are not clear about what you want the ratio to be.

d. Follower count 

Suppose you do not wish to unfollow accounts having a specific number of followers. You can select your desired number and we will not unfollow the people who fall in that range.

e. Following count 

Similar to the Followers count, the following count helps when you do not want to unfollow people with a definitive following. Choose a fine range according to your niche and we will ignore the accounts that come in that scale.

f. Tweet count 

Using this, you can refine the people on the basis of tweets that they have made so far using their accounts. This is a good option to filter out and unfollow the spam or inactive accounts. Spam accounts may have an unreal amount of tweets whereas inactive ones might have limited tweets.

You can go for a range between 100-20k ideally, and we will not unfollow anyone having tweets amidst that number.

g. Account age 

Here, you can choose the people to unfollow considering the age of their Twitter accounts. You can avoid new accounts as they can follow you back anytime soon.

h. Don’t unfollow who are following me 

We recommend that you not unfollow people who have already started to follow you back. Checking this box will make sure that such accounts are not disturbed.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click on “Save All”, and your promotion will go live! You can view it anytime from the dashboard and check the activities.

Apart from this, you can see reports and analytics of your activities and can even download CSV files. Register for a free trial period and check out the tool now!

2. Tweepi

tweepi - twitter unfollow tools - - twitter automation tool

Tweepi has a tool that shows you the list of people whom you follow, along with some information related to each of them. Its sorting feature can be used to find out inactive and spam accounts so that you can unfollow them. Cleanup lets you screen out those unnecessary users by allowing you to search for their information and decide for yourself. This information is based on their activity and sociability.

The ‘not following you back’ option will display the list of people whom you are following but they have not followed you back. This feature of Twitter unfollow bot can come in handy to unfollow the extras from your account.

3. Circleboom

circleboom - twitter unfollow tools automation bot tool

Circleboom helps users in improving and developing their Twitter profiles by offering a range of tools including follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feed, scheduled post tools, and reports. It has a mobile-friendly design, which makes it easy to follow or unfollow people straight from your phone.

Its Smart Tweets module offers tools for linking blog or website feeds to Twitter accounts and scheduling tweets. The follow module will help you in finding new followers on the basis of interests and tags. And, the unfollow module lets you find the inactive, fake, and spam accounts, and the ones that are not following you back. 

4. Crowdfire

crowdfire- twitter unfollow automation bot tool

Formerly known as ‘Just Unfollow’, Crowdfire is also one of the great tools available for Twitter. Every day, you can either follow or unfollow 25 people using Crowdfire. This may sound like a limitation for large accounts, but if you don’t have a lot of people to unfollow, it may get the job done. If you wish to increase this limit, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. It has applications available for android and iOS. 

You can sort the people who don’t follow you back and also see the date you followed them. You can also whitelist or blacklist people directly from this Twitter unfollow app.

5. iUnfollow

iunfollow-twitter unfollow automation bot tool

iUnfollow is another one in the list of cool free Twitter unfollow tools that you can use to instantly unfollow anyone on Twitter with just one tap. Using this tool is quite simple – you just need to log in with your Twitter credentials. It will show then show you the entire list of people that you follow. You can then filter the list and see the ones who don’t follow you back. 

iUnfollow allows you to unfollow 50 users in a day. It also has a premium paid plan available if you wish to use more robust features. However, the free plan can work for you if you have a small account.

6. Social Bro

social bro - twitter unfollow tools - - twitter automation tool

This tool also allows you to see the people who don’t follow you back, so that you can easily unfollow them. Social Bro is a good option to keep in your Twitter toolbox, as it offers some additional features apart from the unfollow feature. It has audience insights that will let you know about your follower stats. 

You can study the strategies of your competitors and track their progress over time. Thus, you can also implement the same strategies and grow your account. You can add teammates to your account and work together on your Twitter strategy. The roles and access of team members can also be set according to your preferences. 

7. Manage Flitter

Manage filter - twitter unfollow tools - - twitter automation tool

Manage Flitter lets you know the accounts that tweet a lot and create clutter on your feed. Thus, you can remove the people who talk a lot and keep your account noise free. This way, you can focus on the important news that other Twitter users have to offer.

You can filter accounts on various basis: the ones who don’t follow back, the users with no profile picture, the inactive accounts, fake accounts, users who never tweet or hardly tweet, and more. Analytics and engagement levels are also available in this tool.

8. Friend or Follow

friend or follow - twitter unfollow automation bot tool

This is a very simple tool with a user-friendly interface. It analyzes your Twitter profile and lets you know the people who don’t follow your account. You can unfollow all of them at once for free. It doesn’t require you to create an account – you just need to log in with your Twitter account in order to use it.

9. Unfollower stats

unfollow stats - twitter unfollow automation bot tool

The last in the list of Twitter unfollow tools is Unfollower stats – a yet another simple tool to clean up non-followers. It shows you the people who unfollowed you, the ones who don’t follow back, the users whom you don’t follow back, your followers, and the following count. You can unfollow all the non-followers at once in a single click.


It’s always a great idea to keep your Twitter accounts clean by using any of these Twitter unfollow tools every once in a while. It helps maintain your followers to following ratio and keeps scope for following new and relevant people. 

P.s. To try free trial, click here! You’ll be amazed by the features this tool has to offer. It’ll help you gain Free Twitter followers within a very short period of time!